On many working sites where workers spend years away from their families, every visit is an event. A husband climbs down from a potentially fatal construction site to meet his wife for lunch.


Vlatko Gilić ( Podgorica , January 1, 1935 ) is a Serbian director and screenwriter. His magnum opus of twelve short feature films and documentaries , created in the second half of the sixties and the first half of the seventies, is considered one of the highest creative ranges of domestic cinematography in the domain of the short films art form. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He began working with films first as a scenographer, working on scenography for the films "Checked min njet" ( 1965 ), "Warm Years" ( 1966 ), "The Wolf from Prokletija" ( 1967 ). Co-directed with Predrag Golubović in 1966, he made the short feature film "Little Light", and in the following years independently "Return to the Native Tree", then "Homo Sapiens" and "Homo Homini", developing the myth of Sisyphus; in the seventies "Tighten the parts", "In continuo", "Dan više", "Juda", "Ljubav”, etc. In a survey by the Film Institute in Belgrade, "Ljubav" was declared the best achievement in the history of Yugoslav cinematography in a short film production and was nominated among five best in the competition for the "Golden Globe Awards”. In 1975, he shot the feature film "Spine", which American producers included among the ten best film achievements in the world and proposed for the Oscars for direction , camera and music . Until 1990. Gilić applied to various contests, but did not receive financial resources for the realization of his scenarios. He shot his last feature film "Days of Dreams" in 1980 when, due to the disfavor of the government at that time and the unfavorable climate in the domestic cinematographic environment, he retired and devoted himself to a teaching career as a professor of directing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, as well as at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje.

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Vlatko Gilić