BEAST IFF ON-SITE #12: Acasă, My Home

On June 3rd, the award-winning Romanian feature film “Acasă, My Home”, will be shown at Cinema Passos Manuel.

Within the scope of the festival, the Focus Country section acted this year as a window into Romanian culture through the attentive and sensitive look of its filmmakers. ​This special program aimed to highlight the power of storytelling based on real facts, as well as the talent and creativity of the region’s directors.

Included in the section is the documentary feature film “Acasă, My Home”, which premieres on the big screens of Portugal with the support of Instituto Cultural Romeno Lisboa. The film also wraps up the <on-site> cycle of BEAST IFF 2021 in the city of Porto.

Location: Cinema Passos Manuel

Date: June 3rd (THU), 8:30 PM

Ticketing: 5€, while the student ticket and the ticket for Tripass cardholders are 3.5€.


Acasă, My Home (Radu Ciorniciuc, Romania/Finland/Germany, 85′, DOC., SUB. ENG)

A patch of idyllic nature right next to the metropolis of Bucharest. In this area of overgrown reed and criss-crossing waterways there’s an eleven-strong family living under basic circumstances. 

When the territory is designated as a nature reserve the family has to yield: they are forcefully resettled into a small city apartment, in the heart of Bucharest.