Official Competition

Every year, exciting new short and medium-length films compete for the  awards of Best Fiction, Best Documentary and Best Experimental. The Official Competition presents works of emerging filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe, a pillar to the festival offer. With each edition, this competitive programme enriches BEAST IFF and its community, introducing new works, new faces through a diverse selection of style and form. From impressive visuals to candid portraits, the Official Competition gives perspective on The New East while being at the core of our festival.

Jury & Awards 2022

This year, BEAST IFF will be awarding three main prizes with a Jury Mention Award for each category.

EAST WAVE Award – for Best Fiction Film
EAST DOC Award – for Best Documentary Film
experimentalEAST Award – for Best Experimental Film

Jury Team 2022

Emilia Mazik

Emilia Mazik is a freelance film programmer based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She has a degree in Cultural Management and Philosophy from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Since 2014 she has worked for Short Waves Festival, an international short film festival from Poznań, Poland, from 2019 to 2022 as a Festival Director. In 2020 she joined the editorial team of Talking Shorts, an online film magazine dedicated to short films. In 2021, as a representative of the European Short Film Network, she was among the founders of the This Is Short platform. Emilia is also a selection committee member of Glasgow Shorts (Scotland) and a Board Member of Leiden Shorts (the Netherlands).

Milan Simanek

Milan was born in Cheb but earned his Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology and History at Masaryk University in Brno where he decided to settle down. Since 2012, he has been working at the Kino Art arthouse where he’s gone through all possible positions – from projection to programming. Also since 2012, he’s been a part of the International Short Film Festival BRNO16 where he’s been a part of the production and programming team. Milan became the director of Kino Art in 2017. He likes films (any and all) and also enjoys reading, playing old video games, and walking his dog pack.

Francisco Vaz

Francisco Vaz was born in Arcos de Valdevez, where he is a member of the Cineclube since 2019. In 2014 he started to collaborate with Milimetro association, a cinema organization that was based in Porto, projecting films at Passos Manuel movie theater. In September 2021 he worked in the production of Doc’s Kingdom,  International Seminar on Documentary Film. In March 2022 was assistant producer of O Abafador, a short film directed by Silvana Torricella, with Norberto Valente as a producer. Recently he was invited to program the ‘Playlist’, a monthly screening of vídeo art and moving image, ongoing at Candelabro café and bookstore since 2016.

Catarina de Sousa

Catarina de Sousa is a film director and visual artist, journalist and producer. She holds a Master’s in Communication Sciences – Information and Journalism from the University of Minho, with training in Documentary Workshops at Ateliers Varan, France. In 2021, with Pedro Neves Marques, she founded the film and visual arts producer Foi Bonita a Festa, based in Porto, Portugal. She is the founder of Casa do Xisto, an artistic residency dedicated to Cinema and Visual Arts, in the village of Macieira de Rates, in Barcelos, Portugal.

Andrei Dascalescu

Andrei Dascalescu is an established Romanian documentary film director, cinematographer and editor. All three of his feature-length documentaries, Holy Father (2020), Planeta Petrila (2016) and Constantin and Elena (2008) have won prestigious awards (including awards at IDFA and Sarajevo Film Festival) and have been selected in major international film festivals across the world (IDFA, San Francisco, Vancouver, Krakow, DocLisboa, Docaviv, Sarajevo, Montpellier etc.). His most recent documentary, Holy Father (2020) premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival, where it won the Jury Award. It also won the Audience Award at Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, Romania) and the Best Director Award at Qara Film Festival (Almaty, Kazakhstan). He is the founder and owner of Filmlab production company since 2007.

East Doc


Through the EAST DOC Competition for Short & Medium-Length Documentary, selected works stand as clear windows towards real stories and the tumultuous New East. The official selection presents compelling stories through carefully crafted titles with an exciting range of creativity and dedication in examining the subject. The EAST DOC program includes 8 titles inviting the viewer to discover through the eyes of young emerging filmmakers from the region.

East Wave


Ten titles are selected for the EAST WAVE Competition for Short & Medium-Length Film, representing the new generation of young talents and exhibiting enthralling narratives, an ode to creative approach in storytelling. Through powerful, sometimes provocative, gazes, the selected works tackle topics and situations through a wide scope of types of the fiction genre. The program brings forth a special selection of recent films made in the Central & Eastern Europe context, with a highly curated line-up, aimed towards supporting young promising directors.



The Competition for Short Experimental Film serves as a platform for works and filmmakers that are focused on narrative, conceptual and technical experimentation. The program presents the liberty of play in terms of aesthetics, technical limits, and semiotic boundaries while breaking the popular standard discourse. With 10 selected CEE titles, The experimentalEAST reflects on the freedom of responding to the need of exploring cinematic horizons and finding genuine ways to create audiovisual art.