Focus Montenegro

With a diverse programme, the festival will capture a moment of transition by presenting a  retrospective programme and special sessions dedicated to filmmaking pioneers. Moreover, Focus Montenegro represents a  step forward with special activities from screenings, focus on new talents, schools or festivals while highlighting the contemporary cinematographic culture and ensuring a valuable contribution to the region. Focus Montenegro comes in partnerships with the Montenegrin Film Center, Montenegrin Cinematheque, and the support of the Honorary Consulate of Montenegro Porto. 

“Since its independence, we are set to discover and promote the new generation of filmmakers with a refreshing shift towards the new face of Montenegrin cinema.” – Radu Sticlea

Opening Film

School Visit

The school that is visiting us this edition is the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at Cetinje. It was founded in 1997 as an independent University of Montenegro unit. Since its foundation, the main mission of the Faculty is to develop high-quality study programs and modules in different areas of drama and audio-visual arts, and also to provide a high level of education and artistic progress of its students as well as their professional integration into the labor market.

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts organizes basic and postgraduate studies in the field of drama and theater, film and media, educating future actors, producers, theater and film directors and dramatists. As such it is a major source of educated professionals in drama arts in our country.

Festival Visit

This year’s Festival Visit comes from Podgorica Film Festival, a non-profit non-governmental organization from Montenegro, which was founded with the aim of contributing to the development of film culture in all its forms, affirming the needs of the film industry in Montenegro in creating conditions for continuous development of Montenegrin culture. The visit will present a selection of five Montenegrin short films, journeys from early festival years to the latest editions.

Retrospektiva — Montenegrin Cinematheque

The Montenegrin cinema library was founded in 2000, with the primary goal of collecting and preserving Montenegrin films, films by Montenegrin authors, and films produced in and about Montenegro. At the same time, we started forming a collection of films that are part of the world’s film heritage.

By showing films of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific importance, the audience is given an insight into the national and world film heritage. The Montenegrin cinema library is a hidden gem to all researchers dealing with the history and theory of film, students of film schools and fans of film in general.