BEAST IFF ON-SITE #7 and #8: The Mirages of Freedom

At Cinema Passos Manuel, on May 13th, two separate sessions will host the exhibition of short and medium-length films of the retrospective program “The Mirages of Freedom”.

The section is a collaborative project with the Dovzhenko Center, in Ukraine, and pays homage to the country and its experimental short films produced between the 1960s and 1980s, under the control of the Soviet State.

Location: Cinema Passos Manuel

Date: May 13th (THU) – 7:00 PM (The Physicists); 8:30 PM (The Poets)

Ticketing: The normal ticket will be 5€, while the student ticket and the ticket for Tripass cardholders will be 3.5€.

The first session received the name of “The Physicists” for hosting nine short films made in an academic and more experimental context. In turn, the second session is called “The Poets” for presenting works by filmmakers already renowned at the time, such as Sergei Parajanov.


Among its titles are works by the Ukrainian Poetic Cinema movement, led by Sergei Parajanov; student films created by those who would be future icons of Ukrainian cinema, such as Leonid Osyka and Roman Balayan; and shorts produced by the creative team of the Kyivnaukfilm Studio, in the 1980s.

These shorts, marked by absurdity and irony, present the beauty and tragedy of late Soviet informal art, ranging from documentary chronicles of family life to parody comedies.